Frequently Asked Questions

What proportion of the Triratna Picture Archive collection is available to view in the picture library?

Our picture library will contain thousands of unique images. Thousands more pictures are held in the archive and will be available to researchers on site at Urgyen House, Adhisthana. The high-resolution images in the picture library have been produced to represent different aspects of the Triratna Buddhist movement and to share Sangharakshita’s personal collection. We will continue to add to our library on a regular basis.

Can you provide images that are not currently in the picture library?

Yes. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the picture library, you can contact us to check whether we have the image available.

What file format and resolution do you supply? How large will the files be?

The images available to download from the image library are high-resolution JPEGs at a compression ratio which ensures that they are suitable for professional reproduction. File sizes vary considerably but the average size is just over 900 Kb.

I want to reproduce an image to a very large scale – can you provide uncompressed files?

Yes, we have all of our images in uncompressed formats (TIFFs) and can provide them on request. Some files will be extremely large so alternative delivery channels may be used. Please contact the picture library for advice.

I want a physical print rather than a download. Can you supply that?

All images from our image library are available as prints. High Quality Giclee Archival Prints are printed to order using museum quality equipment, including archival papers (Permajet and Hahnemuhle) and Canon inks. Please see the ‘Prints’ page for details.

Why don’t you charge for ‘home-use’ downloads?

We operate on the principal of ‘dana’ or generosity and trust that those using our service will donate whatever they can to keep this service going.

Are electronic rights included in reproduction fees for publication?

Yes, electronic rights are automatically included with fees for print. If you require electronic rights only, select ‘internet use’.

Do your book publishing prices include e-book rights?

Yes, the prices for book publishing include e-book rights.

How are your commercial fees calculated?

Usage fees are based on industry standard rates, and are reviewed annually.  If required, amendments to fees will be implemented each April.

Can I visit the picture archive?

Our image library team work behind the scenes, but the Triratna Picture Archive is available to researchers by prior arrangement.